What is boudoir photography?
Boudoir photography is the art of tastefully capturing images meant to provoke an air of sexiness. Our style of boudoir photography is meant to encourage and empower you, regardless of your age or body type, and is catered to your definition of “sexy” for results you will not only be comfortable with, but LOVE.

What should I bring?
Bring lingerie and/or clothing in which you feel beautiful. This can include bra and panties, corset, teddy, tank top and boy shorts, swimsuit, or your significant other’s button-down shirt or sports jersey! We encourage brides to bring their favourite white lingerie. Bring accessories, as well, such as jewellery, a neck tie, stockings, high-heels, etc. You can even borrow clothes if you need to or buy them.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, we would love for you to bring a close friend for personal encouragement!

Do  I have to be nude?
Being sexy does not require nudity, and our sessions are catered to your level of comfort, whether you want to be clothed, partially clothed, implied nude, or nude.

What if I’m self-conscious?
It’s natural to feel a little nervous or self-conscious. Marissa will guide you through any poses to capture flattering angles regardless of your body type.

I’m a private person. Will my images appear on the internet?
We appreciate the privacy concerns of all our clients. We only use images for self-promotion at your approval and discretion. It’s completely your choice and not required to shoot with us.

What if I have a pimple the day of my shoot or a problem area that  I’m self conscious about?
Life is full of little imperfections. During finishing of your images, we will take care of blemishes, acne, scars, stretch marks, and any other ‘artefacts’ on your skin during the retouch process. We will not, however, completely reshape your body. Boudoir photography is about appreciating YOUR beauty.

When do I get to see the finished images?
All images are professionally retouched with our signature style for a flawless, flattering work of art. Within two weeks of your session, we will schedule a private screening. Once you have selected your desired images, we will create your order.